Inspired my itunes

Hey Kiddies, If you are like me u too thinks that the itunes art work is so cool.  Check out this tutorial about itunes illustration.  Some really helpful tips.

My Art

Here is just a glimpse of my work I done throughout the semester.  More to come.

Twitter: Time's Person of the Year??

According to the infamous tech magazine "Wired" the debate is on.  Can Time Magazine be named person of the year.  Wired takes a look back at previous nominations; including the computer in 1982, the good samaritains in 2005, and even you in 2006.

With that in mind Twitter can be a canadiate but with Obama as a contender I think twitter should be just be happy for the nom.

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Relax and Take Note

 One thing I've learned while in college is note taking.  There is nooo way you can pass a quiz or any test without studying your notes.  When I take notes I do not leave anything out.  You never know if something might be for extra credit.  I also make sure I sit in front.  I know when I sit in the back I know that I can miss very important information, and thats not a good look.  Also I make sure my notes are neat so I can review when I get home.  I've notice the my note taking skills are much better than I was in high school and it paid off.   I even scored an 98 on one of my quizes :-).

Merry Christmas...and go Elf Yourself

I can't help it I'm in  the holiday spirit.  I couldn't deny this website.  I'm officially one of Santa's little elfs.  Check it out:

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