R.H.O.A review - Baby Momma and Daddy Drama

I'm not going to go into alot this week because it didn't really do much for me.  I do have one question; was I watching R.H.O.A (Real Housewives of Atlanta) or Maury??

I will get to that in a second.  But let's start from the begining.  I thought it was so sweet that Kim and Sheree put their differences to the side and came together to plan Kandi's and A.J's engagement party.  They even planned the event at the now infamous FAB Lounge.  By the way that fight had to been one of the greatest moments on t.v.  Good way to save yourself from that lambus of an excuse you gave us last week Kim.

This week NeNe began her journey to find her dad.  She gathered her troops to Athens, GA.  Which is her Uncle Mel (Curtis oldest brother) and her wirter DeNenee.  I've noticed NeNe says she regreat doing the D.N.A test.  All I can say to that is don't ever regret.  Everything happens for a reason.  First the troops went to meet Auntie Nell.  Nell is a like a mother is NeNe while her mother was always on the go.  NeNe gives us a little insight into her growing pains.  Including her relationship with her mom before she died, and her relationship with Curtis.

Then we go into the funniest part of the show for me, "Me" by Sheree.  Sooo the first box of samples arrive at Sheree's home.  Isn't just me or her little friend seems to be a hater.  She just didnt seem sincere or happy for Sheree in this scence.  I think Sheree needs to keep an eye out for her in the future.  Anywhoo who told Sheree she was the pefect model??  Boo Boo you have a nice body but let's not get ahead of ourselves.  Sheree calls Dwight to give him an update on the samples.  These muthaf****'s need Verizon! "Can you hear me now?"

After the comic stylings of Sheree we go into Divorce Court with Kandi.  Uh oh too soon?? Oh well it is what it is lol.  Kandi, A.J. and Momma Joyce goes to pre-marital consuling.  By the way I L.O.V.E. Momma Joyce,  She reminds me so much like my mom,  Like the non carribean, down south verison.  Poor Kandi.  I been through the same situation with my ex-fiancee and I hate to say it but Momma knows best.  Momma Joyce was talking to the consulor and she had some good points.  Especailly when she said, "Sometimes mothers can look at their daughters and see a mistake coming like a truck coming at them and wanna push them out the way like a truck coming at them", that sent chills down my spine and brought memories.  Hmm... I wonder if Dr. Bliss does sessions in New York, lol.  R.I.P A.J.  Momma had a feeling and Kandi missed a huggge bullet.  Am I going to hell for that??

Kim oh Kim.  Just can't get enough of your gold digging ways.  Just love it.  So Derek J come and pay a visit to Kim.  Gotta maintain the hair people.  Kim informs Derek about the surprise enagement party.  Then Derek J shows Kim the prototype wig for her wig line.  DAMNIT BRAVO, WHY DIDN'T YOU SHOW KIM WITHOUT THE WIG?! I would've paid good money to see that. Curse you and your unborn children Bravo.  Now $800 worth of hair?? That's more than my rent.  That's it I'm snatching chicks bald!  Also a peice a day?? Thats a bit obsessive.

Now back to Sheree.  Dwight pays Sheree a vist to take a peek at the samples.  Dwight did not look very pleased and Sheree looks clueless.  Lets hope Dwight can pull a rabbit out of his hat and make the magic happen.

I couldnt leave yall without the continuation of Maury... I mean NeNe drama.  Soooo the moment of truth is here.  NeNe meets Alan.  It seems both of them was nervous.  I love NeNe but I'm glad to see NeNe not being over the top. Being normal isn't that bad.  We all know when Gregg finds out he is going to freak!  Well we shall see.


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