Where Does The Time Go?

Hey Kiddies! I'm baaack. I want to take some time out to talk about my personal struggle with time management. I don't know about you but this concept has been kicking my ass but I must admit that I'm coming along very nicely :-)

Before I started school I had nothing but time on my hands. I never had to worry about "to-do" list or schedules a day in my life. I lived by the hippie motto, "Just go the the flooowww man". I thought my blackberry calender was cute but useless.

Now my blackberry is my mini assistant and to-do list come naturally to me, especially around midterms.  I would loose my mind with out this device.  I must admit I did have to put a few parties and gossip on the back burner for study time, but at least I know it's worth it in the long run. Just pray for me honey, lol.


Julia Hutchinson said...

I love it! Keep it real and honest. Well written.

Julia Hutchinson said...

Points for blog post: 4

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