R.H.O.A Review - Catwalks & Cat fights

The season finale did not fail to disappoint.  Drama, Drama, Drama.  I know I'm a little late but better late than never.

It's official, Dwight Eubanks is a magcian.  He made me believe in magic.  He did the unthinkable, he turn Me by Sheree into fashion.  I think the fashion show was great and I love the fact that Dwight took charge despite what haters may say.  If Dwight didn't take charge history would've repeated itself.  Sheree was so worried about the hot mess she called a weave she didn't even make sure her 'baby' as she called it needed its mommy.

Lisa is very brave to discuss her and Ed's finacial woes and downsizing.  The economy has affected us all and it just shows that Lisa is more real than anyone else thought.  This couple is smart for having a back - up plan.

Now I am so disappointed that Bravo didn't catch the fight between the monkey and the moose :-( (Kim and NeNe).  It was just two sides to the story.  Usually in those cases both are wrong and don't want to admit it.
Word on the street is that Kim and NeNe are besties again.

The whole Kandi and A.J. thing is still very sensitive but I'm glad A.J and Kandi's mother Joyce were able to come to truce.

Can't wait for season 3!!

P.S.  Here's a clip of NeNe and Kim talking about the choking incident:


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